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Sandriver Lodge

Centrally situated in the ” village” of St Francis Bay. Walk 500 m to the beach, or across the road to the shops and restaurants. Golfers need to walk 200 m to the entrance of the golf course.
Marc and Anneke May invite you to be a part of the relaxed holiday environment at Sandriver Lodge. Enjoy delicious breakfasts prepared by owner/ chef Anneke, with organic ingredients and fresh tastes to satisfy! Sleep comfortably with clean, fresh linens of white and blue, and warm snuggly blankets. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere at Sandriver Lodge.

Sandriver Lodge was established in 1996, by Marc and named after the majestic “sandriver” dune system running from St Francis Bay to Oyster Bay. Sandriver Lodge accommodates many different needs, whether you are a travelling family, business person, or a couple needing a relaxing break!

All our suites, self-catering or overnight, family size or smaller, are all ensuite, with comfortable beds, fresh linen and towels, own entrances, with tea and coffee facilities. The rooms are personally designed, each with their own character, and a simple nautical feel.

Newly renovated with a tiled roof we have gone back to the “beginning” of St Francis Bay with the rustic feel of fisherman cottages. Copper pipes are exposed against bagged white walls, with sea shells in the plaster, beautifully tiled floors the colour of beach sand creating the relaxed feel of St Francis Bay.

Sandriver Lodge offers uniquely styled and set up accommodation to suit many different needs.

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