Skydive Jeffreys Bay

Adrenalin Junkies, this one is definitely for you!

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Skydive Jeffreys Bay

Adrenalin Junkies, this one is definitely or you! Relish in a scenic 20 minute plane ride over the picturesque Jeffreys Bay, followed by the rush and thrill of jumping out of an aircraft from 9000ft. An insane 30 seconds freefall at 200kph and a 5 minute parachute glide down towards the bay. Skydive Jeffreys Bay has vastly knowledgeable and experienced instructors with a minimum of 1000 skydives.

At Skydive Jeffreys Bay they also offer the static line method to teach skydiving. Please think carefully before deciding to take up a static line course. It is not mandatory but they do recommend trying a tandem first to see whether you are up to jump solo.

There are various options available, Tandem Skydive 9000ft or 10000ft, beach landing at an additional charge. Video options via handycam, your instructor films your whole experience with two wrist mounted go pro’s. One for video, one for stills. External camera, A professional skydiving videographer jumps with the tandem and flies around it to get an outside and close up perspective. Camera delux, Jbay Skydives editor will combine the footage of handy cam and external camera into a super edit, getting all the possible angles!

After a short wait your photos and video will be ready for you to walk away with a 2GB memory stick. All videos are in HD (1920×1080) and ready to be shared on social media. Photos are 12mp.

Kindly note that there is a weight limitation of 100kg

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