Cango Caves

South Africa's oldest tourist attraction.

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Cango Caves

Oudtshoorn is visited by thousands of tourists each year to see the iconic Cango Caves. The caves are situated 29km from Oudtshoorn at the head of the beautiful Cango Valley.

The Caves were the first to be protected by environmental legislation and remain South Africa’s oldest tourist attraction. The caves are very popular and so it is recommended to arrive early in the day to book for one of the two tours on offer, The Heritage Tour, and the Adventure Tour.

Irrespective of which tour you choose, a visit to the caves will leave you spellbound and in awe of the substance and extent of the underground caverns and spectacular limestone formations.

The Heritage Tour lasts 60 minutes and you will be guided through the various chambers whilst the guide explains the formations, and the history of the caves.

The Adventure Tour lasts 90 minutes and starts in the same area as the Heritage Tour, but the last 30 minutes involves an excursion through several formations which you will test your courage and physics as you squirm through the tightest of small openings.

If you are in Oudtshoorn or the surrounding area, a visit to Cango Caves is not to be missed.