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Marine Dynamics

Marine Dynamics is situated in Kleinbaai and is a reputable Fair Trade Tourism certified Shark Cage Diving Company. The research, conservation and education programs that it runs, is truly making a difference to protecting the Great White Shark and its environment on which it relies.

Marine Dynamics offers Shark Cage Diving, using Blue Flag certified vessels. A marine biologist is aboard each trip providing interesting facts and education about not only the great whites but other sharks and marine life. Once underwater, you will be able to see Great White Sharks and other shark species up very close.

Whale Watching Cruises are also offered through Dyer Island Trust. A maximum 24 passenger world-recognised 5-star vessel takes you on a boat based whale watching experience as well as learning about the other marine species such as seals and the endangered African Penguin and the facts around Dyer Island.

Marine Dynamics has several community projects and an African Penguin Rehabilitation and Sanctuary facility.

If you are going to be in the Kleinbaai or Gansbaai area, it is worth allocating some time to do one of the activities offered by Marine Dynamics because their commitment to conservation and the community is truly outstanding.

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