Ostrich Farms

The centre of the Ostrich industry

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Ostrich Farms

A visit to Oudtshoorn would not be complete without visiting one of the Ostrich Show Farms that are available in the area. The dusty little town of Oudtshoorn became famous during the Gadsby Days when the Ostrich Feather was obtaining astronomical prices. During this era, Ostrich Barons were created and the town flourished.

Today Oudthoorn is the centre of the ostrich industry which is vital for job creation in this agricultural farming industry.

A visit to one of the farms will show you the cycle of the ostrich industry in which every part of the ostrich is utilised. You will see breeding ostriches, how the eggs are hatches and baby ostriches raised. The tour shows the fascinating use of ostrich egg shells and the products which are produced from this industry in terms of hides, feathers and meat.

The farms all have well stocked curio and ostrich product items to purchase. A tour at an ostrich farm is an interesting glimpse into the past history of Oudtshoorn, but also a fascinating education about the ostrich industry and the anatomy of this prehistoric-looking flightless bird. The tours are suitable for all ages and children really enjoy the visit, so be sure to visit an ostrich farm in the Oudtshoorn area when you are in the Klein Karoo or Garden Route.