The Swan of Brisan

An unforgettable experience

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The Swan of Brisan

Canal and River Cruises are the highlight for most visitors to St Francis Bay and can be booked with Brisan on the Canals. Owners Brian and Sandy and Anthony all have ‘Skippers Tickets’ and have been cruising the canals and river for many years. Their pontoon boat, “The Swan of Brisan”, is equipped with a gas griller and full gas stove in order to prepare a delicious meal or light refreshments while cruising. As one American journalist wrote and said “Your B&B is lovely, and the experience of having breakfast out on the water in the morning was definitely the highlight of our trip.” The sights and sounds which abound will prove to be just that.

Whether you take a shorter canal cruise or one encompassing the canals and the Kromme River, it will be an unforgettable experience.

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