Hops Valley Farm Stall

Well known for its pizzas

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Hops Valley Farm Stall

Found alongside the Outeniqua Pass between George and Oudtshoorn, this popular farm stall is abuzz with patrons wanting to order pizza, or purchase some goodies, including wine and beer from the store. The stall is about 15km from George. It is well known for its pizzas – served freshly bakes with crispy thin bases in an amazing assortment of flavours and deliciously fresh toppings.

With a relaxed atmosphere, the setting is country-like with tables under vines. You seat yourself outside under one of the umbrellas or for even more shade, under the trellis. As the name implies “farm stall” is not fine dining. The pizza is served on paper plates and coffee in take-away cups, but it is definitely worth a visit.

Browsing through the stall you will find freshly baked breads and cakes in different sizes. The stall also sells wine, preserves and local fruits. There is a jungle gym for kids and parking is off the main road.

Travelling the spectacular Outeniqua Pass is well worth the scenic trip, but be sure to stop at the stall to enjoy the best of authentic South African hospitality.

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