Outeniqua Farmers Market

Popular with locals and tourists alike

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Outeniqua Farmers Market

The Outeniqua Farmers Market is open every Saturday and it is very popular with locals and tourists alike. It is situated just outside of George on the side of the N2 National Road.

The market is lined with stalls offering delicious home-baked treats, vegetarian options abound and you can also support cottage industry tables who bring forth some seriously tasty food either to be enjoyed under the shade of the trees at the market or to take home.

Small scale farmers bring their produce to the market and you can purchase or weekly stash of fresh vegetables and herbs from the stalls. Strawberries from the local berry farms are also a popular hit at the market.

The market also supports the arts and crafts industry in the region and there is an array of charming products to choose from keeping old traditions and skills alive through the support of the community.

The market is ideally suited to families and children love the little Tjoo-tjoo train which wanders through the market as well as a secure play area.

To get a taste of local culture, wander through the stalls and buy a few of the tasty treats on offer. Its also ideal to buy some reasonably priced souvenirs, knowing that you are contributing to the community.

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