Knysna Heads and Waterfront

Well known tourist destination

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Knysna Heads and Waterfront

The Heads at Knysna are a well known tourist destination. This is where the Knysna Lagoon meets the sea, and is notorious for its choppy, tricky navigation. You can visit The Heads by taking the Leisure Island Road and parking at the end where there are various restaurants to enjoy and you wander down to the shore. Its beautiful scenery and very relaxing.

Whilst you are there, take a drive around Leisure Island and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that exists here for residents and holiday makers alike.

The Knysna Waterfront is also a premier Tourist destination. There are various water-based tours that depart from the waterfront, where you can enjoy the lagoon, sail on a yacht, do oyster tasting, take a lunchtime cruise on The Big Benn, or just wander around and absorb the sounds, smells and activities of waterfront life.

The waterfront has an array of interesting shops, from South African souvenirs, to semi-precious stone jewellery, expensive rare tanzanite master-pieces, to beachy clothing. There is a variety of different restaurants and coffee shops to choose from, including the very popular 34 Degrees South restaurant where you can sample tappas or other delicacies whilst watching residents of the waterfront sail by on their vessels or just enjoy the nautical atmosphere.