The Knysna Elephant Park

An appreciation for these awe-inspiring animals

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The Knysna Elephant Park

The Knysna Elephant Park was founded in 1994, and the first of its kind in South Africa. It has provided a home for orphaned and unwanted elephants.

The park is open to visitors and you can join a tour to visit the resident herd for an experience that will stay with you forever. Through responsible and educational interactions, the Knysna Elephant Park aims to give guests a new-found appreciation for these iconic and awe-inspiring animals. There are no fences to spoil your close encounter and the environment encourages elephants to exhibit normal behaviours.

Visitors to the park are privileged to have a personal encounter with these gentle giants, and leave having gained a new-found respect for these animals, as well as a better understanding of the African elephant and its plight across the continent. Most importantly, by visiting the Park and experiencing the elephant herd, guests make a direct contribution to elephant husbandry and enable the Park to give the elephants the best possible facilities, nutrition and care. This allows the park to meet their primary mission: To offer elephants in need the chance of a better life.

Elephant experiences include Daily Tours, as well as Elephant Walks, Exclusive Safaris, Sundowner Group Packages, as well as Sleepovers in the Elephant Lodge. No reservations are necessary for daily tours, but bookings are essential for all other elephant encounters.

The Park is open 365 days a year, from 09h00 to 16h00 daily.

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