The Big Tree

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The Big Tree

Just west of the Paul Sauer Bridge on the N2, Tsitsikamma National Park, you can take a turn off the national road, park your vehicle and visit The Big Tree. The trail is roughly 600m or so and a very easy walk over a laid out path.

The walk to the Big Tree is along a well-maintained wooden boardwalk which is ideal for all ages. It is a quiet and peaceful walk through the magnificent indigenous forest and if you still your mind and take your time you will encounter some extremely beautiful natural wonders along this pathway. Take time to stop and really LOOK into the forest and search the undergrowth for the natural beauty. You will be amazed at what you will find and see.

The Big Tree is worth the visit – even though it may not be as “wide” as some people will expect. It is simply spectacular to be able to touch an 800+ year old tree. If you are a tree-hugger, you should not miss this. Here is a huge yellow wood tree going up more than 38m into the canopy, witness to 1000 years of history. The tree is appropriately fenced, so though you cannot hug it, you still can touch it. There is another big tre next to this one, almost as big and it was comforting to know that these trees were saved from the logging industry which decimated these giants in previous years.

Definitely worth the visit and know that this is not a commercialized experience. It is a gentle walk in the forest.

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