Woodcutters Journey

Travel with us down the old Stormsriver Pass

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Woodcutters Journey

Stormsriver Adventures is a responsible tourism company and professional market leader in cable sliding (or zip-lining). Based in the heart of the majestic Tsitsikamma Forest, we offer several eco-adventure activities including the Woodcutters Journey

On the Woodcutters Journey, travel with us down the old Stormsriver Pass on our open-air vehicle, and experience the indigenous forest from the comfort of a specially-designed vehicle. Follow the ancient elephant migratory route, passing yellowwoods and stinkwoods, while hearing about the history of the area and the secretive life of the forest, its flora and fauna. See the mysterious 450 year old “Human Tree” who watches of the forest with its human-like face.

The historical Stone building was used as a hunting lodge and meeting place for hunters and is one of the oldest building in Stormsriver. The Woodcutters Journey ensures a personal experience standing next to a giant Hard Pear tree feeling like a dwarf by this unique creation. You will encounter beautiful Tree Ferns hundreds of years old. Guides deliver an extensive narration to clients throughout the whole tour.

Enjoy a delicious lunch or tea at a beautiful picnic site next to the Stormsriver, where wagons outspanned more than a century ago.

Stormsriver Adventures has received many awards and accolades for their commitment to the local community and their social development initiatives.

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