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Rent some Kayaks from Kaaiman’s River with Eden Adventures and head out with directions to visit Kaaiman’s waterfall. Its about a 30 minute paddle and 30 minute hike.

If it is low-tide, you may have some challenges traversing the low-water, but this adds to the adventure and the fun. There are plenty of spots to stop for a picnic at a quiet spot along the banks on the way to the waterfall.

There is also a walking trail to get to the falls. It is a great trail with a lot of bird life. A very well taken care of and maintained path (mainly wooden) is provided but it can be quite tiring as there are a lot of step.

When you reach the falls, get up close and personal with some abseiling, which you can do down the side of the falls. the rocky area is great backdrop for photos and climbing around. The falls are very quiet and secluded, and even though you can spend a few hours there, you can easily be the only ones around.

If you are adventurous and still have some energy to expell, the path/track to the top is quite steep, but the view from the top is worth the effort.

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