Map of Africa

A high vantage view point

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Map of Africa

Map of Africa is a high vantage view point not far off the historic “seven passes” route from George to Knysna. Watch out for the signpost, and then undertake an adventurous bumpy drive to the top. It is one of the best places to visit if you need variety that includes nature, fauna and beaches in the wilderness area and a vantage point from where you can observe the map of Africa and a beautiful vista of the surrounding area.

The view is really spectacular and acoustics with the sound of the ocean in the background sets the scene. There are breathtaking views all around! Ocean with the long sandy beaches of Wilderness on the one side and Map of Africa on the other. There are volunteers who sit up the top who explain the natural contours which form the shape of Africa and ensure the best position to see the effect.

On the opposite side to the Map of Africa are spectacular views overlooking the whole Wilderness coast line right until Gerickes point (Lions Head as the locals call it).