Wild Oats Community Farmers Market

The best market in South Africa!

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Wild Oats Community Farmers Market

Wild Oats Community Farmers Market is a well supported community market that takes place every Saturday. Some have even rated it the best market in South Africa! Locals and tourists alike flock from afar to attend the market. One of the features of the market is the locals bringing their pooches along for the morning, so you will see dogs in all shapes and sizes.

There are always plenty of music performers and a lovely, lively atmosphere. The Food section is excellent with fresh vegetables, fruit and plants. Honey, cheeses, bread, pies. There are many stalls serving take-away meals and whether you are vegan, banting, glutose intolerant, need a hearty meaty breakfast or a picky eater, you will definitely find something to suit your tastebuds.

Small scale farmers sell their wares and there is an emphasis on organically grown vegetables. As with all markets, cottage industry, arts and crafts stalls are packed with interesting and innovative items

On the otherside of the market are the more permanent stuctures for artists who have various arts and crafts for sale. There is clothing, ceramics, wood-craft, magnificent metal craft, beads, books, cottage industry crafts and the stalls just go on and on.

The market closes at 12.00 so don’t be late!