Winterfest Vibe In The Park

Attending a music festival provides psychological and health benefits. WINTERFEST VIBE IN THE PARK IS HERE!

The benefits of attending this festival includes connecting with others, reduced stress and anxiety. While there are potential downsides, this well-planned event mitigates them.

How do you feel when you listen to music?

Whether alone or with others, it is fascinating how powerfully music can engage the senses. Every culture shares one thing in common – music. Therefore, it creates a great opportunity for colleagues to engage into the activities that unveil the things they share in common.

Think of a song that you love and whenever it plays you dance crazily to it. Now imagine discovering that you and your mates have the same dance moves and the same playlist. This even makes it a perfect season to meet your childhood friends, cyber friends and long lost friends. Thereafter it is like a reunion with your mates, you can dine and relax at any of the restaurants in Jeffreys Bay.

This year will see Winterfest Vibe In The Park take place at Supertubes during the Corona Open JBay contest, click here winterfest music line up to see more. Top-rated South African bands will be performing live and for free! Last year’s six evenings of live tunes was so popular that this year they are going bigger. There will also be more live music with a collection of our top South African artists.

There will be an array of music styles on offer and every band or musician’s gig will be absolutely free.
So pull in to Vibe In The Park with your mates after watching the best surfers in the world perform at Supertubes and sip on a Corona while enjoying sunset vibes and good times. Surely, you can not miss this great opportunity!