Hog Hollow Horse Trails Community Projects

hog hollow horse trail community project
Kurland primary community project
Yoga Session
Yoga Session

Hog Hollow Horse Trails is situated in The Crags near Plettenberg Bay. It offers horse trails through amazing scenery. It also introduced a carriage ride on a nearby vineyard. Read more on Hog Hollow Horse Trails- Activities. Amazingly it contributes positively by engaging in community projects.

Hog Hollow Rescue Horses Rescue Humans Community Project:

Creating an opportunity for children in Kurland Village is the main goal. This makes them form a good relationship based on trust with the herd of rescue horses. They will also connect with themselves through the principles of Yoga.


Firstly it is teaching children how to behave around horses. They focus on body language, movement, sound, how to put a halter on, lead and tack up their horse.
Secondly, it teaches children to take responsibility and how to care for horses by gaining necessary skills. Such skills are feeding, grooming, cleaning hooves, tacks, paddocks, cleaning water and feed buckets.
Another objective is teaching children to mount, dismount and do the basic paces of riding including walk, trot and canter.
Including children in a positive and creative environment is another objective because they will learn life skills and trust. They can also understand project management and set goals by putting them in an action plan.

Hog Hollow Country Lodge sponsors the transport for the children.The program takes place on Tuesday mornings from 9am until 11am. Children will be collected at 8:45 from school and dropped off at 11:15. In the long run there will be an incorporation of a second session in the afternoon on Tuesdays.

To learn more about Hog Hollow Horse Trails, click here.

Kurland children enjoying the experience
Kurland children enjoying the experience
Kurland children paying attention to the lessons
The children paying attention to the lessons
Kurland children learning how to groom the horses
Kurland children learning on how to groom the horses
Yoga Session at Hog Hollow Horse Trails
Yoga Session at Hog Hollow Horse Trails