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The Mexican

What a surprise right… Mexican cuisine served in Jeffrey’s Bay? You are not on the wrong page; you are exactly where you need to be!

This Mexican cuisine restaurant started twelve years ago and in J-Bay that is known for its sandy beaches and seafood delicacies. Your home away from home meal served with the brightest smile and in a calming, relaxed yet family oriented vibe. Perfect for couples who just want to get away and travel to Mexico or the family that just want to enjoy a decent meal when travelling.

The Mexican Grill and Restaurant says it all but don’t fool yourself there is something for everyone! A cocktail or two with their juicy steaks and freshly made tacos is only about some of the options their menu presents. Ranging from bombers to platters, there is something for the young and restless.

At The Mexican they know not everyone enjoys the hot and spicy food but we know everyone loves a good food, so they have sauces and chillies for those who enjoy walks on the wild side of chillies.

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