Coffee and Kids Company

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Coffee and Kids Company

The name gives the uniqueness of this place away!

Coffee and kids Company is the perfect place for families on route to pull off and relax or those staying in and around Port Elizabeth to come enjoy.

With their family oriented ambiance one can easily forget about the good food and imported coffee, not to mention the best cappuccinos and deliciously baked goodies.

A little slice of heaven for mom wants to enjoy a cup of coffee, while their kids play. This new addition to Port Elizabeth is a perfect spot to enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat, with both indoor and outdoor seating options. There are different sized jungle gyms and trampolines, so both little toddlers and older children can play safely. There is also a lovely indoor play area designed for smaller children in mind. The food is always a great treat and having it knowing that your kids are having fun and enjoying themselves is a bonus.

Kids tend to love the slush puppies which come in the genuine slush puppy cups. This is definitely worth a visit.

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