The Grumpy Griller

Award Winning Steakhouse

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The Grumpy Griller

This is a steakhouse place for all meat lovers. It has a 4 star review rating on Tripadvisor from its visitors. The best grilled flavoured steaks you get them in this restaurant.

Grumpy Griller Award is a winning Steakhouse, voted the best in Western Cape and 7th best overall in South Africa 2016. Amenities of the place are; reservations, indoor seating, wait staff, parking available, wheelchair accessible, and serves alcohol.

It is open 7 days a week from 1200hrs to 2100hrs.

Serving the most delicious barbecue steaks of all sorts aside a salad and tasty fries. If you are a barbecue fan this is the best place to be for mouth-watering flame grilled dishes. The seating structure is spacious and hence you do not have to squeeze in-between people to find your way around.

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