34° South

A Seafood Paradise

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34° South

Situated on the festive Knysna Waterfront, the popular 34° South is a Seafood paradise. Although it is mainly a seafood restaurant 34° South also offers a variety of food catering for all culinary requirements.

At 34° South one can completely relax and unwind while enjoying a delicious cocktail and a meal while soaking up the spirit of the waterfront. The revolving Sushi bar offers a large variety of artistically created sushi where freshness is the order of the day.

The delectable pizzas will have you coming back for more. The freshly baked confectioneries from the bakery include an array of mouthwatering treats including a variety of fresh breads, donuts, pecan nut pies, milk tarts, apple crumbles and many more tantalizing treats.

The deli shop is packed with delicious goodies including locally produced jams, oils, vinegars and many more take home treats and memories.

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