Freshline Fisheries

Dig your feet into the beach sand

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Freshline Fisheries

Freshline Fisheries is only 5 mins walk from the Knysna Waterfront on the road to Thesen island.
Dig your feet into the beach sand underfoot in the laid back atmosphere of this great spot. A mouth full of “sea to table” food is what you can expect without disappointment.

Freshline Fisheries is a great little spot for lunch. They do not serve alcohol so bring your own wine or beer at no cost, ice buckets are provided.

The Kids will be entertained in the Play area allowing parents to relax while enjoying the rustic chilled atmosphere. On cooler days one can soak up the warmth of a cozy fire lit in a “drum”.
The Food is reasonably priced and of a good standard. The menu offers a variety of Sea Food including platters as well as Knysna Oysters. The pint of prawns with their unique sauces is a memorable experience.

Freshline Fisheries also has their own little shop where you can buy fresh fish to take home at reasonable prices.

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