The Anchorage

A little gem of a restaurant

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The Anchorage

The Anchorage Restaurant located just a stone’s throw from the Knysna Waterfront at 11 Gray Street is a cozy fishing style restaurant where the seafood is scrumptious and very well-seasoned, served with great sauces to accompany each fish dish which is very obviously sourced fresh from the sea as it melts in your mouth. The nicely sized creamy Knysna oysters will not disappoint. Everything is fresh and you can taste it! You will be blown away by the impeccable service this quaint restaurant has to offer. The dinner and wine as well as a variety of craft beer are sunset- perfect!

This little gem of a restaurant prides itself on the fact that the staff is passionate and knowledgeable. You will be welcomed warmly and well looked after by the friendly staff.
Be sure to make a reservation to avoid disappointment or arrive early for a sun set dinner. Regular customers come back every time to enjoy the general ambience of a consistently high quality.

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