Moby Dicks

A proper beachy vibe

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Moby Dicks

Situated right on central beach in Plett this classic seafood restaurant has a proper beachy vibe and is packed with festivities during season, supported by locals out of season. Many people have been visiting Moby Dick’s for many years and absolutely love it. The thing that makes them great is they always prepare the food exactly right. Cooking seafood can be a tricky business, and Moby Dick’s is consistently amazing.

Create your own platter from a wide selection of seafood or alternatively choose from one of the specially designed platters. They offer a great selection of meat, pasta and other dishes to suit all. Moby Dicks offers a huge menu with lots of variety including sushi.

The staff are friendly and helpful and makes one feel very comfortable and are accommodating to special requests.

You may bring a bottle of your favorite wine and receive a bucket with ice from Moby’s.

Moby’s has a take-out section for a quick bite during the super busy times.

Moby’s is making a huge effort to keep the beach clean as they offer a free coffee to individuals who bring a bucket of rubbish off the beach

Vegetarian friendly

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